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A love of all things equine steadies me. I know that I do not have to be just one thing or the other, that I can be purely myself.

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It's long but it's FUN!!

Pick 13 Characters and do this meme using them! >8D
Replace the banks in the half circle thingies with the character's name!!
Put them in a random order!! Go!

Long Ass Numbered OC Meme BlankPick 13 sorry mother fuckers Characters and do this meme using them! >8D
Replace the banks in the half circle thingies with the character's name!!
Put them in a random order!! Go!
1. Describe 6 (____) and 11 (____)'s relationship in one word!
2. 8 (____) decided to have a house party while everyone was gone! How did that go for him/her? What happened when the others returened?
3. 1 (____) is kidnapped and the kidnapper demands a ransom from everyone. After pitching in, what does everyone have to offer the kidnapper??
4. 5 (____), 8 (____), 9 (____), and 2 (____) now have their own unique company to get some money back after that kidnapping incident! What company have they made? How does it go?
5. 4 (____)'s guilty pleasure?
6. 13 (____) and 1 (____) got drunk and woke up next to eachother. Haha, how does it go after the two wake up? Did they actually do ANYTHING? XD
7. Oh, God. 7 (____) and 11 (____) have

1.  Fandovia
2.  Kireath 
3.  Kiara
4.  Denzin
5.  Najan
6.  J'harin
7.  Amascus
8.  Rezuri
9.  Ti'kara
10. Swift
11. Shyra
12. Warnik
13. Darren

*Assume that the OCs are in a modern setting with the same personality (magical abilities if applicable) and have somehow agreed to be housemates. 


1. Describe J'harin and Shyra's relationship in one word!

2. Rezuri decided to have a house party while everyone was gone! How did that go for her? What happened when the others
She enjoyed it immensely. No one would see any signs of it. 

3. Fandovia is kidnapped and the kidnapper demands a ransom from everyone. After pitching in, what does everyone have to offer the kidnapper??
NOTHING *cackles*

4. Najan, Rezuri, Ti'kara, and Kireath now have their own unique company to get some money back after that kidnapping incident! What company have they made? How does it go?
It would not be a company, it would be a charity.

5. Denzin's guilty pleasure?
He looks up at you from polishing his throwing knives.

6. Darren and Kiara got drunk and woke up next to each other. Haha, how does it go after the two wake up? Did they actually do ANYTHING? XD
Kiara opened one eye groggily and glared at Darren. "How are you so full of energy?"
Darren continued to bounce on the mattress. "Come on, breakfast is ready!"
"Did you make it?"
"I'm going back to sleep," she said and rolled over.
"Oh come on, you slept through anything I did last night-oomph!" The pillow she threw knocked him off the bed.
"Don't play games. Nothing happened last night."
Kiara covered her head with the pillow. "How I let you talk me into spirits I will never know…"

7. Oh, God. Amascus and Shyra have just switched bodies! o: Unable to switch back until the end of the day, How does this go for them? What do they do?
Shyra (in Amascus's body) shook the fan threateningly under his nose. "If you fondle my body one more time I will make sure that by the time you return into this one you will no longer be the lusty desire of women."

8. Swift and Kiara decide to get married! How does this go, who proposes to who, and where's the honeymoon? (;
Uuuuuh… Try again.

9. Najan stole Denzin's favorite item ever! How could she? How does Denzin get it back, does he seek revenge? |:
Denzin looks at her, disgruntled. Najan stared at her hand in horror as if it had acted on its own. She turned back to Denzin and returned the item immediately. "I am so…sorry."

Fandovia taps her staff against the floor. "There will be no such display. Amascus, if you wish to keep those impeccable muscles you will put your tunic back on."

11. Oh, crap. Warnik just found the Death Note! oAo What happens now... Are we all doomed?
Actually, that's probably the safest we'll ever be of all the listed characters, minus Ti'kara.

12. Ti'kara's favorite song?
The sound of the waves on the shore.

13. Swift, Kireath, and Kiara go back in time! Where do they go? Why?
To when the D'zerans were thriving and forging blades.

14. Pfft, it seems Rezuri, Denzin, Fandovia, and Amascus get into a race! o__o What happens, what does everyone drive, and who wins?!
Okay, I'm going with modern setting, sports cars this time. I believe you can tweak an engine but as far as cosmetics:
Rezuri: Maserati
Denzin: Aston Martin DB-X
Fandovia: Lamborghini Huracan
Amascus: Ferrari Enzo 
Amascus will try to cause everyone else to wreck, Fandovia will sneak past in his wake, Denzin will weave around and Rezuri will win at the last minute.

15. J'harin and Shyra have been locked in a closet together for 10 minutes. How does it go, who eventually finds them in there?
They probably find a way to break out by then.

16. Rezuri, Ti'kara, Denzin, Kiara and Najan now have to face their worst fears! >:3 Who succeeds, and who fails??
They would all succeed.

17. Uh oh! Swift is stuck in an elevator with Kiara. How did this happen, and do they end up killing each other?
"Well," Kiara jammed the floor buttons, "it seems we did in fact exceed the weight limit."
Swift snorted.

18. Fandovia is cleaning J'harin's room and happens to find sexy pictures of herself. How did J'harin GET these pictures, and what does Fandovia say to them about it?
Fandovia shakes the pictures under J'harin's nose. "Your blackmail has been discovered. One week in the Chamber!"

19. Everyone do an impersonation of the next numbered person! >8D
Fandovia is first and she would stop that before it started.

20. Oops, Shyra just got bit by a snake. Who's gonna help?
Everyone would except Omera and Fandovia.

21. Rezuri has made Fandovia angry and locks her in a freezer! Harsh...
Yeah, good luck getting a hold of Rezuri to put her in there.

22. Denzin is secretly a spy. Who finds this out?
Shyra or J'harin would be the first to figure this out. Or Fandovia.

23. What is Kireath's biggest regret in life?
Being such a coward.

24. Amascus give a shoutout!
Kireath throws a box over his head and lights it on fire before Amascus can get a word out.

25. J'harin, being the idiot that he is... has just flooded the house. How does this go when Rezuri and Amascus finally get home. |:
Rezuri steps onto a chair. "You passed out in the tub again?"
"I did not. The nozzle broke from weakness caused by Amascus's past antics."
Amascus glares at him. "Hey!"

26. Why's Najan afraid of Amascus? D:
She's not afraid of him, just wary of him and his womanizing antics.

27. Chore time! Split up the house work evenly, ya'll! Be fair.
Everyone would argue at first and then agree that Najan should allocate tasks as she would be the most fair. 
Fandovia cleans the bathrooms. 
Amascus cleans and packs away the dishes.
Warnik completes any required repairs.
Kireath washes all the windows.
Najan does the laundry.
Rezuri mops the floors.
Ti'kara dusts and takes out the trash.
J'harin cleans the kitchen
Darren makes the grocery list.
Kiara picks up the groceries.
Shyra makes dinner.
Denzin goes with her as grocery pack horse.
Swift 'mows' the lawn. 
or something.

28. Poor Ti'kara has the hiccups! Who is gonna help her get rid of em?!
The entire frickin household. Have you ever seen a dragon with hiccups? It's a disaster!

29. How's Amascus's love life?
…entirely too busy.

30. Fandovia is locked outside of the house. Why and how? Do they get back in eventually?
Darren probably pulled the prank on her and yeah, she'll get back in eventually.

31. Seems that to pay the bills Najan, Kiara, and Shyra have gotten jobs at a local hospital! Do they do good at their new jobs? 8D
Najan and Shyra do wonderfully with the patients as nurses or doctors. Kiara elected to relocate herself to working between departments - anything so that she did not have to work directly in patient care.

32. Game of Russian Roulette between Ti'kara, Denzin, Fandovia, Kireath and Swift. How does this deadly game go??
Well, Swift snorts and he and Denzin walk away. Kireath tosses the revolver and Ti'kara swallows it.

33. Color of your underwear now, Ti'kara! D:<
"As you can se, I do not wear under garments."

34. Warnik has decided to give Kiara a haircut! How does that go.. 
"Well," Kiara shakes her head and feels the hair sway, "at least it's at the correct length."
"Shyra, fix it."

35. Ti'kara what would turn you on? ;D
Tilts her head and looks at you. "What do you mean?"

36. Shyra you are now Kireath's slave. |:
Shyra looks over at Kireath and he hunches his shoulders around his ear. "Unlikely."

37. All of you, virgin or not?!
Fandovia: "How indecent."
Kireath: "…not."
Kiara: *arches an eyebrow*
Denzin: *blinks*
Najan: "What is a 'virgin?'"
J'harin: *smiles* "It really is none of your business."
Amascus: *puffs out chest and smirks* "Of course not!"
Rezuri: "Not."
Ti'kara: *snorts*
Swift: *tilts head*
Shyra: "Kiara is my daughter, therefore my answer is obvious."
Warnik: "I had many conquests in my day."
Darren: "Oh…uh…"

38. Okay, since we're getting close to the end, I have decided to spare you these last few questions! 
<3 I've started to grow fond of all of you! How about everyone go out for icecream! My treat!
Okay o.o

39. Oops, there was a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, I lied. Who survives, is there a way to save the world?  D:
That's way too broad - therefore everyone survives :P

40. You have just completed the most amazing meme known to existence. How does it feel? Tag some poor unsuspecting fools. 8P
Like I want to offer myself as editor for memes…*twitchgrammerandspellingtwitch*
This was actually really fun. Most inclusive Meme I've seen so far. I tag Khezix, Sleyf, and InkyRose - none of you have to do it as it's time consuming but it's fun to speculate how different characters will react.


Shyla Trike by Valetha
by Valetha

OMG I forgot I can do a few of these with that membership you gave me :D Okay, here's to trying it out: Okay, first let me say I really ...




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