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born of work-horse hearts
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My gallery includes art and writing, as well as the occasional photograph!

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[Amara Insevi]
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
A love of all things equine steadies me. I know that I do not have to be just one thing or the other, that I can be purely myself.

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1. Do you snore?
Hmmmmm. Not that I've been told. 

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
3. What’s your worst fear?
Ooooohohoho, that's something I will come to terms with myself. MYOB lovies :P

4. As a kid, where you a Lego maniac?
No but I really liked playing with them regardless :D

5. What do you think of “reality” TV?
I guess it has its uses as studying the psychology of people but, as DiamondLegacy said, it's lame. 
6. Do you chew on your straws?
Not since grade school ^^; 

7. Were you a cute baby?
I was pretty cute~ Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
8. Is the single life for you?
Shrug It is what you make of it and I keep myself super busy. When it gets too lonely I'm lucky that I have awesome friends I can hang out with. 

9. What color is your keyboard?
Black keys on a silver board. Gee I wonder what Kiri uses :P
10. Do your sing in the shower?
Not for a long time actually...

11. Have you ever sky-dived before?
No but I think I would!

12. Any secret talents?
Hehe, if I told you they wouldn’t be so secret now would they? :P

13. What’s your ideal vacation spot?
Horse ranch in the mountains? Condo on the beach? Japanese hot springs? Tour around Paris? Walking the Wall in China? I don't think I have an idea, just a lot of things I want to do.

14. Can you swim?
Not quite like a fish but I've life guarded before. 

16. Have you seen the movie "Donnie Darko”?

17. Do you care about the ozone?

18. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
I don't think I'll ever know personally haha!
19. Can you sing the alphabet backwards?
I'd have to practice. 

20. Have you ever been on an airplane?

21. Are you a single child?
22. Do you prefer electronic or manual pencil sharpeners?
I like the feel and sound of the manual ones better.

23. What’s your stand on hunting?
I'm okay with it. If you do so wastefully or via torture, then no. I also love it that the people who I know that do make use of all the materials they can - meat and skin. :)
24. Is marriage in your future?
We'll see.

25. Do you like your handwriting?

26. What are you allergic to?
Nothing has been found yet. :P

27. When was the last time you said 'I love you?'

28. Is Tupac still alive?
No idea who that is- wait. I vaguely remember this name...I don't know.

29. Do you cry at weddings?

30. How do you like your eggs?
Come eat breakfast with me a few times and see :P 
31. Are blondes dumb?
I have a blonde friend who is absolutely brilliant. I also have dark haired friends who have stereotyped "blonde moments" - so you can drop that shit now.  
32. Where does the other sock end up?
Trolls take the left ones :D
33. What time is it?
Not time to work yet.  

34. Do you have a nickname?

35. Is McDonald's disgusting?
I only have their McNuggets and Fish o Fillets. No mishaps so far. 
36. When was the last time you were in a car?

37. Do you prefer baths or showers?

38. Is Santa Claus real?
 let me know - it's a secret 

39. Do you like having you neck kissed?

40. Are you afraid of the dark?
More like I don't know how to reach out my senses into it. 
41. What are you addicted to?
Art. Horses. Writing.

42. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

43. Can you crack your neck?

44. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

45. How many times have you brushed your teeth today?

46. Is drug free the way to be?

47. Are you a heavy sleeper?
I'm not sure. Sometimes I'll sleep through some stuff, but other things I'll jolt awake for. 

48. What color are your eyes?
Brown - bronze in the sun! That was so cool when I found that out! I had someone tell me they look red in dim light or when I'm mad...I'm a demon in disguise!! Mwahahaha! lol 

50. Do you like your life?

51. Who’s better: Stone Cold or The Rock?
I only know who The Rock is so I can't answer that one. 

52. Are you psychic?

53. Have you read "Catcher in the Rye"?
No ^^;

54. Do you play any instruments?
Piano Piano Mote  I wanted to learn the harp at first (because of Xena) and I fiddled with a recorder when I was little. I like the feel and sound of an acoustic guitar too but I have no idea what I'm doing with one ^^; 

55. Have you ever stolen money?

56. Can you snowboard?
I want to learn!

57. Do you like camping?
As in tent and all? I haven't done that since I was a toddler. I liked it well enough then :)

58. Do you snort when you laugh?
59. Do you believe in magic?
"In a young girls heart! How the music can free her whenever it starts~" Hehehe yes.

60. Are dogs a man’s best friend?
I believe both horses and dogs are, but man can find a way to make friends with many species.  

61. You believe in divorce?
What do you mean do I "believe" in it? It happens. 
62. Can you do the moonwalk?
Not yet.

63. Do you make a lot of mistakes?
Not excessively, but I learn fast~
64. Is it cold outside today?

65. What was the last thing you ate?
Ice cream!

66. Do you wear nail polish?
Only on my toes.

67. Have you ever been kissed?
68. What's the most annoying TV commercial?
Don't watch TV

69. Do you shop at American Eagle?
I think I did once. I don't remember what I got though...

70. Favorite song at the moment?
Adagio from Tron - the Teddybear remix

71. Do you like your job?
Hehe :D 

72. Do you like your classes in school?
I did when I was. 
73. How do you like your meat cooked?
Medium :D

74. Do you like these surveys.
75. Do you know how to tag five peoples?
Yes I know how to :P

76. Why did the Chicken Cross the road? 
What do I get if I answer? What's the bonus? Eh? Eh?

  • Watching: Skip Beat
  • Drinking: water


Shyla Trike by Valetha
by Valetha

OMG I forgot I can do a few of these with that membership you gave me :D Okay, here's to trying it out: Okay, first let me say I really ...




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